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Fresh ingredients, dedicated staff, and lots of love are what makes our traditional dishes delicious and memorable. With recipes handed down from mother to daughter, and to you, our special guest.  

Below you will find a selection of our dishes. 
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This is a spicy (not hot) relish dish made of tomatoes and beans.

Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes in caramelized sauce and mustard seeds.


Baked brinjal, baby marrow and red onion with sweet peppers

Curried Vegetables

Cauliflower, sweet potatoes and green beans. This is a versatile and hearty dish packed with colorful vegetables using a homemade curry sauce.


Sauted with onion and baby marrow cooked the traditional way.

Ostrich stroganoff

Ostrich is prepared in coriander chilli and salty paste. It is cooked mix with onion and 3 Kinds sweet peppers and flavoured in a tangy sauce.

Beef meat balls

This dish is baked and prepared with ground beef, onion, eggs, bread, and carrots.

Herb Carrots

Gently braised and tossed in lemon and a mix of three herbs.

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Lunch and Dinner at your preferred time. 

Please note, we do not accept walk-ins, but cater for groups, events, functions and conferences. 


49 Harlem Avenue, Langa,
Cape Town, 7456

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